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Hardwork Pays Off!

Since 1953, our founder, Jim Whitaker, was focused on making sure that those who worked for him felt valued and a part of the team. For 70 years now, that focus remains a top priority. One way that we accomplish this is by giving out incentive checks on a quarterly basis to each employee-owner. This is based on the performance of the company, with a Tier 5 bonus being the highest bonus possible. Just last month, we have achieved six Tier 5 bonuses in a row!!! As each employee-owner works harder to further the interests of the company, they then get to enjoy the top-tier incentive every three months!

Another thing that makes this incentive bonus so special is the fact that our Senior Executive team gets to hand them out in person each time. This can logistically be a challenge, seeing as how we are so spread out working on different job sites. However, it is important for our leadership team to see the smiles on faces and shake the hands of the majority of our workforce that make these incentives possible. Here's just a glimpse at the most recent round of incentive distributions!

Receiving a quarterly incentive check does many things for us, both mentally and financially. Let's take a quick look at some of the benefits that we've observed over the years that our employee-owners have reported on.

Financial Boost

Perhaps the most obvious reason to celebrate a bonus check is the immediate financial relief it provides. An extra cash injection can help our employee-owners achieve their financial goals faster, whether it's paying off debt, saving for a vacation, or investing for the future.

Recognition and Motivation

Receiving a bonus is a tangible form of recognition for your hard work and dedication. It validates your hard work and demonstrates that your contributions are valued by Whitaker Construction. This recognition can be a powerful motivator, inspiring you to continue giving your best and contributing positively to living The Whitaker Way.

Improved Job Satisfaction

Being rewarded for exceptional performance can significantly boost your job satisfaction. It can make you feel more engaged and committed to your work, leading to a positive work environment and improved overall job performance. Being a 100% ESOP, this results in a proud ownership mentality, knowing that you ARE Whitaker Construction and that the work you do each day directly helps everyone succeed that is employed here.

Enhanced Financial Security

On top of helping achieve personal financial goals, our incentive bonus can provide an extra layer of security. It can be used to build an emergency fund in case an unexpected bill or emergency comes up (which we know happens because #life). This added peace of mind can reduce stress and improve your overall well-being.

Investment Opportunities

For those with a knack for financial planning and investing, the incentive can serve as an excellent opportunity to grow your investments. You can use it to start or add to your investment portfolio, which can potentially yield some amazing returns over time!

Generosity and Giving Back

The Whitaker family and current Senior Executive team are all passionate about giving back. With our quarterly incentive program, we hope to inspire generosity in our employee-owners. Some may choose to share a portion of their incentive checks with their favorite charitable organization or with family and friends. This act of giving back not only benefits others but also brings a sense of fulfillment and purpose - both of which we want our employee-owners to have more than anything else.

Our incentive program is undeniably a good thing for numerous reasons. Whether you use it to achieve your personal goals, invest in your future, or spread kindness, that extra money should be a positive and meaningful addition to you on your financial journey. We hope that you realize it is a DIRECT result of your dedication to this great company and just one more way that helps to set us apart from our competitors. After all, we do Build the Best: People, Communities, Future!

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