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$26 Million- Completed 2021

The North Fork Siphon is the main pipeline (gravity flow) from the south slope of the Uinta Mountains, a key aspect of the Strawberry Aqueduct and Collection System. It carries water from Upper Stillwater Reservoir, down the east slope about 700 ft., across the bottom of the canyon and under the Duchesne River, and back up the Hades slope, before ultimately dumping into Strawberry. The new siphon is an 84-inch concrete lined and coated welded steel pipeline approximately one mile in length and will replace an existing 72-inch pre-stressed concrete pipeline. 

Carrying approximately 285 cu ft per second (cfs) of water from the Stillwater Tunnel, the siphon descends 700 ft down a 55-degree grade to the floor of a mountain valley bisected by the North Fork of the Duchesne River. The siphon runs 1,500 ft across the valley floor, under the river, and takes on an additional 30 cfs of water from a diversion 2.5 miles upstream on Hades Creek. 


$27.5 Million- Completed 2010

The Spanish Fork Canyon Reach 2 Project involved the construction of a 96” diameter mortar lined and coated steel pipeline within the shoulder of the heavily traveled US Highway 6 for a distance of 2.75 miles. 


Each pipe were forty feet long, weigh 55,000 pounds and the joints were welded together both inside and out.  The pipeline is installed at an average depth of sixteen feet in a work zone only 50 feet wide.  Portions of the excavation had to be blasted from solid rock and other sections included extensive dewatering with protection of springs and a nearby river.


$10.6 Million- Completed in 2013

This CMGC pipeline rehabilitation project consisted of the replacement of approximately 23,000-lf of existing steel with 24" PVC waterline in UDOT ROW (Hwy 38). This project was complicated by the extremely narrow work area of 12' to 15' widths,


UDOT constraints, steep hillside construction and the need to complete much of the project during the winter months when the existing pipeline could be shut down. Other challenges on the project include maintaining canyon traffic during construction, providing temporary water for over 100 homes for the duration of the project and rock excavation.


$8.3 Million- Completed in 2009

This project consisted of the installation of 10,500 feet of thirty-six inch welded steel pipeline. There were several items which made this project interesting and difficult. First, we had to cross the Logan River at three different locations which needed extensive bypass pumping and stream alteration techniques. Second, we had a number of areas of solid rock which required blasting and rock removal in the narrow area at the edge of the highway and next to the existing waterline. Third we had an extremely narrow work area in the public right-of-way  next to the highway, through a steep hillside adjacent to the river, and behind the existing power plant buildings. Finally, we had an extensive traffic control plan which required the busy highway to be reduced to one lane with pilot cars to direct traffic around our work area.


$4.6 Million- Completed in 2019

This CMGC project was to construct a spring water delivery system around the perimeter of the Mantua reservoir to replace the existing pipeline under the reservoir. 14,400-ft of 24” and 30” gravity water mains were installed at depths up to 20’ with at-surface groundwater which required an extensive dewatering system. 1200-ft of directionally drilled 18” – 24” HPDE gravity water mains were also installed under the Box Elder creek and the boat ramp areas.


The project also included a critical connection to the city’s main spring water supply and abandonment of the existing piping under the dam. Most of the work was done in wetland areas in narrow easements. Also part of this project was the construction of a new spring collection wet-well and pump station.


$16.5 Million- Completed in 2019

This CMGC project was to install a new water trunkline connecting 10 new well houses along the shore of Utah Lake and included the installation of 14,500-ft of welded steel pipe ranging in size from 24” to 48”. The project also included well to waste piping, fiber installation and electrical duct banks. The project required working in very narrow easements, and 5 tunneled crossings of the UPRR & UTA tracks, as well as AV/BO vaults and turnout structures.


$5.1 Million- Completed in 2016

This CMGC project for the Weber Basin Water Conservancy District was to install a replacement water transmission pipeline to customers in Layton, Utah. The project was procured under the CMGC method in order to get contractor input into constructability issues on the project including steep hillsides and narrow work areas.


To complete the project approximately 7,000 feet of 36” welded steel pipeline was constructed in the narrow city streets and an additional 1,500 feet of 42” HDPE pipe was installed in a steep canyon area and between homes on the East Layton hillside. The project also required multiple utility relocations, extensive public relations outreach, and restoration of streets, private property & primitive canyon area.



$18.9 Million- Completed in 2012

This new aqueduct constructed for the Central Utah Water Conservancy District as part of the CWP Project being constructed to convey water to communities located in Northern Utah consisted of installing approximately 2.6 miles of 60” and 3 miles of 48” welded steel pipelines in the public right-of-way.


In addition to the pipeline installation, two large jack & bore crossings under major highways and three large cast-in-place flow control turnout structures were completed.


Work also included the installation of air valve/manway vaults, extensive traffic control, roadway and field restoration.

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