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$17.1 Million- Completed 2021

This project for the State of Utah DFCM at the new state correctional facility is to provide offsite utility infrastructure to support the prison complex and includes construction of three work packages:

Schedule A (Sewer Pump Station 1): A sewer pump station including a grinder vault, two wet wells, a dry pump well, a portable generator, a pigging launch building, and a water flushing building.


Schedule B (Sewer Headworks): A sewer screening facility for a sewage leaving the USCF including a below ground vault and an aboveground building.


 Schedule C (Water Pump Station and Storage Tanks): Two 1.5 million gallon concrete above- ground water storage tanks and a drinking water pump station including metering, drinking water pump, an on-site chlorination station, and a fire pump.


To complete the work it required excavation, shoring, and dewatering for the 35 ft deep sewer pump station, several cast-in-place concrete structures, site utilities, new building facilities and all associated sitework.


$3.2 Million- Completed 2010

This project consisted of the construction of a new double pump station with one side housing the multiple 600 hp motor pumps for Weber Basin Water and the other side housing the pumps for the Hooper Irrigation Co. The reservoir was a new 34 acre-foot  area pond with an underdrain system and HDPE liner. Special construction items on this project were the helical-pier footprint under the new pump station, extensive dewatering of the project site, canal crossing with all the new utilities to the site, new access road and precast bridge.

700 South Pump Station

$16.4 Million- Completed 2022

This project consists of the construction of a new 25 MGD pump station, including excavation, dewatering, and sheet pile shoring for a 40-foot deep excavation. The pump station includes the installation of pumps for the current 7.3 MGD capacity with a future expansion capacity to 25 MGD. The project also includes connection to two existing 24" force mains, diversion and odor control structures, and a backup power generation facility as well as all associated site improvements.


$5.7 Million- Completed in 2011

The Utah Lake System Isolation and Flushing Valve Structure Project required the construction of a dual ninety-six and sixty inch pigging station structure with (2) twenty-four and (1) forty-two inch cone valves, installation of approximately twelve hundred feet of ninety-six and sixty inch welded steel pipe, and a new ten-acre earthen flushing basin requiring 90,000 cubic yards of excavation.  Associated work on the project included highway crossings, surface restoration, electrical and fiber optic installation, site work and approximately seven hundred cubic yards of cast-in-place concrete on the new structure.


$4 Million- Completed in 2013

This project consisted of the construction of a new 86 MGD brine pump station on the remote west side of the Great Salt Lake. The work consisted of removal of the existing sheet pile cofferdam, installation of a new galvanized sheetpile cofferdam with inlet/outlet wingwalls, a new platform mounted pump station with three 100 HP axial flow pumps and a 24” siphon.
Other work on this project included extensive saltwater dewatering, earthwork and rip-rap, flushing water system, siphon vacuum priming system and electrical systems.


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