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Davis Aqueduct Reach 1 Parallel Pipeline Project

We're proud to have been awarded the Davis Aqueduct Reach 1 Parallel Pipeline Project by the esteemed Weber Basin Water Conservancy District!

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From their website:

The Davis Aqueduct Reach 1 Parallel Pipeline construction project is the construction of a pipeline and associated appurtenances to increase the resiliency of the Davis Aqueduct. The existing Davis Aqueduct was built in the mid 1950’s and currently serves large portions of Davis County. The new pipeline will provide a more reliable conveyance of water to Davis County as part of the Districts resiliency preparedness. The project is expected to be under construction for a 24-month period. It will include two new pump stations and approximately 2.2 miles of 72-inch diameter welded steel piping, part of which will include specially designed flexible seismic piping at a major fault line.

Whitaker Construction has been awarded the construction contract for the project. They will coordinate work with several subcontractors to complete the work. The new pipeline will terminate at the North Davis Water Treatment Plant. The water will be used for both treated culinary water and secondary irrigation. The alignment of the pipeline will cross Highway 89 and run parallel to the west side of the highway.

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The Project consists of installing approximately 2.2 miles of 72” steel pipe in Layton and South Weber City, UT, including associated vaults and structures, site improvements and yard piping, tie-ins to existing facilities, crossing US-89 and the Davis & Weber Counties Canal, and a sixty million gallons a day pump station.

The project will be built over the next two years for $81.4 Million. The scope of the project involves many of our divisions and provides a great base of work for our Northern Utah crews.

This is the largest single contract awarded to Whitaker Construction as well as the largest contract ever awarded by Weber Basin Water Conservancy District.

We are excited to build this legacy project! It is a wonderful opportunity to Build the Best: People, Communities, and Future!


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