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About Us

Our story began in 1953 when Jim Whitaker decided to get out of the sand and gravel business and start a utility construction company with a pickup truck, a shovel, and one helper. Now his company has become one of the most respected contractors in the intermountain area with more than 500 employees and 50 plus crews. We perform sanitary sewer, storm drain, culinary water, irrigation, earthwork, roadway construction, dams, landfills, natural gas pipelines, industrial piping, and telecommunications projects primarily in Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming, Colorado, Oregon and Washington.

By living our core values of Valuing Safety, Embracing Ownership, Being Honorable, and Elevating Team, we have earned an excellent reputation in the construction industry for completing some of the most challenging projects in our region; Safely, On-Time, and Under Budget.

Whitaker Construction is offering exciting career opportunities for various projects in Utah, and the intermountain region. We have job openings for candidates at various experience levels who are interested in building projects that benefit communities, now and in the future.

"A square deal, for a fair price."

Benefits Enjoyed at Whitaker Construction:​​
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). Employees earn shares in the company – All employees have ownership in the company and its success.

  • Health, Dental, Vision, Life, Short Term Disability, Supplemental Insurance

  • Competitive Wages

  • 401-K and Match

  • Vacation

  • Paid Holidays

  • Paid Personal Days

  • Quarterly Incentive Program (profit sharing)

  • Referral Bonuses

Women and minorities are encouraged to apply!

100% ESOP


An ESOP is an employee stock ownership plan. An ESOP is designed to reward employee-owners with company stock, which grows as the company grows. When Whitaker Construction does well, then each and every employee-owner benefits since they own pieces of the company. In short, ESOP’s motivate employee-owners, increase overall productivity, reduce staff turnover, keeps jobs local, and aligns the financial goals of the company and its employee-owners.

In 2007, When the Whitaker family started to think about how they could ensure that the company and its values could stand the test of time, the facts just kept stacking ESOP was the way to go. As of the beginning of January 2023, Whitaker Construction is thrilled to announce that we are a 100% employee-owned company!  Let's look at the benefits:

For the Employee-Owner​

  • Additional retirement plan requiring no additional contributions

  • Higher income potential

  • Higher savings potential

  • Increased job stability

  • Increased financial transparency on company

  • Pride of ownership and involvement in success

For the Company​

  • Tax benefits allowing more money to stay in the ESOP

  • The alignment of long-term company and employee-owner goals

  • Increase in business continuity and day-to-day operations due to lower turnover rates and needed re-training time

  • ESOP's tend to be more resilient to tough economies and financial instability

For Our Local Communities

  • Jobs, products, services, and economic contributions stay local

  • Local communities benefit from our resilience to harsh economic times

  • Having higher retention rates means employee-owners stay local, spend local, and are invested where they live, work, and play

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