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At Whitaker Construction, We Love Excavators!

If you're here reading this blog post, then you've most likely had some daydreams about operating an excavator. And why wouldn't you.......they're amazing machines! Digging, lifting, scooping, and moving, they are used worldwide to ensure that society can continue progressing in every way possible.

Excavators can be used in many different industries and to accomplish many different outcomes. Here at Whitaker Construction, just a few ways that we use excavators are to dig and move dirt, lift pipes and other heavy equipment, place important safety shoring in trenches, and to place large boulders and other items to help divert water flows. We couldn't do what we do without these amazing, powerful machines.

Operating an excavator efficiently is an art. The many different controls, buttons, switches, and levers allow a skilled Whitaker Construction heavy equipment operator the ability to move these large machines with incredible precision. Just take a look at the cab of a modern excavator!

An excavator is typically made up of several different sections. As seen above, the cab is where the operator sits and controls all movements of the excavator. Inside the cab contains all relevant running information that an operator needs to know including temperatures, controls, fluid levels, etc. The cab of an excavator is designed with visibility in mind. An excavator can move in any direction it wants to, and the cab and engine can swivel 360 degrees at the push of a lever. Because of its range of motion, visibility and safety are of the utmost importance.

To handle the demands, most excavators use turbo-diesel engines. These massive engines are able to supply the power and torque that is required to run the machine and its many components. They can also handle the harsh working conditions and provide unmatched reliability to keep them working as much as possible. As expected, it takes skilled mechanics to understand and repair these important machines. You must have an extensive knowledge with engines, hydraulic systems, and electrical systems to be able to safely and efficiently maintain and repair such complex machines.

Excavators are able to take on many different kinds of attachments depending on what is needed for a specific job. The most common attachment that you'll see is a bucket used to dig and move material. However, attachments can be had for almost any application. Check out just a few possible attachments below:

There are many different companies that manufacture and produce excavators. Choosing a brand comes with many variables, but they all accomplish similar outcomes and it honestly just comes down to personal preference based on years of experience and use. A few of the larger companies that make excavators are:

  • Caterpillar

  • Volvo

  • Komatsu

  • John Deere

  • Hitachi

  • Hyundai

  • Doosan

  • Kubota

Here at Whitaker Construction, we LOVE our excavators and not a day goes by that they are not used to carry out crucial elements of our smallest AND largest projects. Our dedicated team of employee-owners that operate, maintain, and transport these awesome machines ensure that we continue to Build the Best: People, Communities, Future. Thank you to all of you who are living The Whitaker Way, and next time you see a Whitaker Construction excavator doing its thing, know that we couldn't do our important work without them!

To learn more about becoming a Heavy Equipment Operator for Whitaker Construction, watch our video below!

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