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Shane Albrecht

Sr. VP of Construction

Shane Albrecht is a seasoned professional with over 27 years of experience in the construction industry, currently serving as the Senior VP of Construction for the Whitaker family. Since joining the Whitaker family in February 2022, Shane has been an integral part of the organization, garnering recognition, and respect throughout Utah.

Shane's academic achievements include a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Utah, where he gained a strong foundation in the principles and practices of construction. He is a registered professional engineer, showcasing his commitment to upholding the highest standards of expertise and professionalism in his field. Additionally, Shane holds a Power MBA from the prestigious Power Business School, further enhancing his business acumen and leadership abilities.

Initially assigned to Whitaker's Southern Utah office, Shane's exceptional performance and leadership qualities have led to his promotion. He now oversees the construction operations and works closely with Brent in Natural Gas, Brandon in Heavy Civil, and Ken in Water/Wastewater, collectively driving the company's success and growth.

Shane finds satisfaction in working with the highly capable employee-owners at Whitaker, collaborating on complex projects that not only push the boundaries of construction but also contribute to improving the lives of the public. He takes pride in his role in shaping and delivering amazing projects that leave a lasting impact on communities. Building the Best – People, Communities, Future.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Shane enjoys a fulfilling personal life with his wife, Lauren. They are proud parents of four children: Ashlie (Brayden), Isaac (Allyssa), Aubrey, and Whitnie. Though they are now empty nesters, Shane and Lauren continue to derive great joy and fulfillment from their roles as parents.

With his wealth of experience, strong academic background, and unwavering dedication, Shane Albrecht is an invaluable asset to the Whitaker family and the construction industry as a whole. His leadership, expertise, and passion for excellence make him a driving force behind the success of every project he undertakes.

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