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Rex Keller

VP of Business Operations

Since July of 2020, Rex has been positively impacting Whitaker Construction and its valued employee-owners. As Director of Finance, Rex oversaw the establishment of Whitaker Transportation, LLC and has evaluated potential acquisitions during this time of growth at Whitaker. “I love the challenge of figuring out and helping formulate what has driven or will drive a company to success,” he says. On the topic of company values, Rex has some wise words to share: “I have many things that I need to learn from all the professionals in the organization. One of my goals in my new position is to migrate on the administrative side of the business some of the “Tribal Knowledge” into documented processes and procedures. I believe that when people understand the process and/or challenges the same way, improvements and solutions will more quickly result. The Whitaker Value that resonates with me is “EMBRACE OWNERSHIP.” Throughout my career, I have received mentorships from many great people. One of my mentors used to say to me regularly, ‘would you (the employee) act that way or spend accordingly if it was [your] own money?’ I am a firm believer in treating the Company’s money better than I would treat my personal finances. The difference between the other companies that I worked for versus Whitaker is the ESOP. The employees at Whitaker are the owners! In Greek mythology, there is a metaphor that goes, “Standing on the shoulders of giants.” The “Giants” (predecessors and current employees) of Whitaker have created the “Whitaker Way” that has made the Company’s mission, vision, and values a reality, not just catchy phrases on the wall. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a great company. To learn, grow, and develop “on the shoulders” of those who have built it to this point and continue to do so.”

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