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Brett Nielsen

President - Whitaker Construction

Brett Nielsen became the 5th President of Whitaker Construction in 2021. Unlike those before him, he was not a Whitaker by name, but his dedication and devotion to the company is unwavering and has played an instrumental role in the strategic progression of Whitaker Construction. Brett has an abundance of Utility Construction knowledge and experience, and having started as a laborer in 1992 has been involved in all aspects of the business and construction process. “It is truly an honor, one that I do not take lightly, to follow in the footsteps of the amazing men who have held this position before me; I have very large boots to fill", Brett stated when accepting the role of President. Brett is particularly focused on fostering employee engagement along with the long-standing culture and maintaining customer relations, all of which have been critical to the success of Whitaker Construction. Although Brett believes all of Whitaker’s Core Values define the “Whitaker Way”, the value that most resonates with him is “ELEVATE TEAM”. Brett states “I have always enjoyed being part of a team. I know that we are stronger together and can accomplish so much more by utilizing the strengths and talents of each individual”. Brett also stated that “Whitaker has always had a camaraderie that made me feel part of something bigger than myself. The value of Elevating Team works hand in hand with one of my personal ambitions of being a servant leader in both my personal life and at Whitaker Construction. I truly believe that if I can help any teammate that I interact with, see and live the Whitaker Way, I am doing my job”.

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