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Brent Hunziker

VP of Natural Gas Operations

Brent Hunziker has been with Whitaker since 1997. Over the years, he has contributed to the company as a laborer, fuser, foreman, estimator, and project manager before landing his current position of Vice President of Operations for Natural Gas. “I am very excited for the growth of the natural gas division in the next few years,” he says, adding that the division’s trajectory is creating upward movement in positions and expanding the area Whitaker serves. On the topic of company values, Brent strongly believes in the value of ELEVATE TEAM. “The thing that I always see out when visiting jobs or hearing of crews helping other crews is that they elevate each other and do it willingly,” he says. “They all know what the end goal is and who the customer is, allowing them to all win as a team.” Brent knows as well as anyone how exceptional the Whitaker team is, having briefly left the company to pursue his education. “The longer I stayed, the more it felt like family and the right place to be. When I decided to leave in 2000, it was a tough decision but at the time allowed me to work on my schooling,” he says. “When I returned, it was one of the best feelings—that feeling when you see an old friend again after many years. I knew I was home again.” “All of those that I have worked with along the way have taught me something. Those lessons that started when I was a new laborer and are still ongoing have given me the knowledge and guidance to help me achieve my goals. I understand now more than ever that it truly does take a village to do the type of work we do. There are way too many people to specifically name, but I want everyone to know that if I worked for you or you worked for me—you helped me at some point.”

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